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Join us at our NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

The 10th Annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival will be held in person and virtually via Zoom on Wednesday, Oct 13 - Friday, Oct 15.

where over 1,000 members of the NYU startup community come together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate entrepreneurs across the University. Grow your startup knowledge and make lasting connections!

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Pitching Startups


Expert Roundtables


Entrepreneur Panels


Keynote Speakers


Team Hunt


Demo Day


Amazing Days of networking & innovation!



Festival Chair


Ellie Gershenwald

Steinhardt '22

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Festival Student Leaders


Madelyn Bickel

CAS '23


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Willa Lin

Steinhardt '23


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Is the Festival virtual?

The Festival is hybrid this year! Some events are in person, such as the 2 panels and the Startup Roundtables. The Keynote speakers, Team Hunt, and the Demo Day will be virtual. You are welcome to watch from home or join us at the Leslie eLab where we will be streaming the events!

Can I come to the Leslie eLab to watch the virtual portions?

Yes! We will be screening the virtual events around the Leslie​, and you are welcome to join us! We are located at 16 Washington Place, between Greene & Mercer.

Is the Festival only for NYU?

Only those who are directly and currently affiliated with NYU can attend the Festival. You must be able to complete the daily screener and produce a green pass in order to attend. 

Where do I find the Zoom links?

Zoom links for the keynotes, Team Hunt, & Demo Day will be added onto the homepage schedule on Wednesday, Oct 13th. Just click on the event block for more info & hit "Join Zoom."


What are the roundtables? How do they work?

  1. Small round-robin discussion groups on various entrepreneurial topics.

  2. Join a new table every 15 minutes with 5 other attendees.

  3. A buzzer will go off to tell everyone to switch to the next table.

  4. If the roundtable already has 5 attendees, you will need to find a new table, or wait for the next round.

  5. Join us in-person at the Leslie eLab. Must be a current NYU student with access to the green daily COVID screener pass to attend.

What are the panels? How do they work?

  1. These are in-person at the Leslie eLab with a moderator & panelists discussing an entrepreneurial topic.

  2. All panelists are NYU students or faculty.

  3. Only current NYU students with access to the green daily COVID screener pass can attend.

What are some Zoom tips?

  1. Turn your video on when you feel comfortable (if not in a webinar).

  2. Keep your mic on mute to avoid unnecessary background noise.

How does the Festival slack work?

  1. You will be invited to join when you RSVP to the Festival.

  2. This is where important announcements will be made and attendees can ask for help.

Who do I contact if I have questions not in the FAQs?


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